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Friday, March 18, 2011


Time truly does fly.

Approximately 1 year ago on March 25th, 2010, I took a deep breath, shelled out some dollars, started a website and thus began GRAYSCALE PHOTOGRAPHIC.  I want to give a huge thank you to all of those who took a chance on the new guy and gave me the confidence to market myself as what I am...........a professional. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Know Thy Rights

Looks like the Atlanta Police Department got a little lesson on photographers rights in public places.  A very similar incident to this occured nearby on the Southern Illinois University campus a few years back.  Wether you own a $5000 DSLR or a $50 camera phone, you have more rights regarding photography in a public places than you may know.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crazy Burning Man Strobist

Just when I think I may be starting get the hang of this creative photography strobist thing, I see someone who takes the term "strobist" to the next level.  Eric Schwabel is a professional photog who decided to take some serious photographic hardware to Burning Man.  Burning Man is some crazy art gathering in the middle of an ancient dry lake bed in the desert (that is a horrible explanation, but it's all I got).  Temps hover around 107 F, and the dust is enough to make my weather sealed Pentax K7 beg the almighty for forgiveness within minutes.  Regardless, this guys getup is too much for words, as are the amazing portraits he captured.  If you've got 5 min., it's more than worth viewing.