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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kirsten Senior 2011

Meet Kirsten.  She is a very cool kid and I had the honor of taking her senior pics this past weekend.  We had an awesome session which consisted of mostly studio work, but since it was a balmy 30 degrees outside, we thought "what the hey", lets take this show outdoors.  Follow the jump for more.

Yeah, her arms weren't just crossed for posing sake.  She was probably thinking "Why did I let this freak convince me to go outside when I don't have a coat?" 

All kidding and hypothermia aside, we had a great session, and I can't say enough about how nice and gracious Kirsten was.  It really makes me enjoy my job to work with someone as pleasant as her.

For you strobists out there, my key studio light was a big honkin interfit softbox (I don't even know the dimensions off hand, but I love the soft light) on a Norman DP 320.  I believe the softbox was the only subject light in the top pic, along with an extra monobloc and a couple speedlights blowing out the white seemless background.  In the last pic I have the softbox coming in from high and just slightly camera left.  I was aiming for a "beauty dishesque" effect.  The soft box was positioned as close to her as I could get it (just out of the top of the frame) to achieve maximum softness. 

The second pic was lit with an SB28 speedlight shot through a 43" westcott shoot through umbrella.  We were moving fast with the outdoor shots due to the weather, and I didn't want to subject the poor girl to the elements any longer by messing around with extra lights.  Props to my wife also for braving the cold and acting as my human light boom.  It makes things so much easier when you have an assistant to position your light for you, especially when your in a hurry. 

Thanks for reading, and remember, don't hesitate to comment or ask me any questions.  I would like to make this blog as interactive as possible to liven things up a little.  Thanks again.

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