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Friday, January 21, 2011

Light Painting Warfare

Every now and then you come across something that is so freaking cool and creative that you want to share it's awesomeness with anyone and everyone.  I ran across these videos in the Strobist blog some time back and given my laziness and lack of new years motivation this week (and that full time job and family I have to pay attention to every now and then), I thought I would cop out of my blog creating obligations this week and share these awesome videos with you.  Trust me, these are far more awesome (for real, how many more times am I going to say awesome?) than anything I would be able to come up with this week.  The first one is a behind the scenes "making of" video which I recommend to watch first. 

Light painting is a very cool technique wich basically involves taking long exposures of say 30 seconds or more and during that time, you can actually move around in the scene with a flashlight, speedlight, penlight, whatever, aimed at the camera.  The cool thing is that as long as you are constantly moving, you will not be seen in the final image (provided you are not being lit by anything).  You could do something like:  Start your camera exposure with your camera on a tripod.  Walk into the scene and start drawing all kinds of images in the air with the light pointed back at the camera.  When the exposure is finished, you will just see whatever images you drew with your light.  You also need your scene to be fairly dark if you don't want to be seen at all in the final image.  If you want to be seen in the final image (see videos below) you could either stand still for several seconds to let the camera sensor "aquire" you, or you could do what these guys did and just pop a flash on yourself. That is my short and totally uneducated explanation on how to light paint.  The guys in this video definately took light painting to a whole nother level with a full length stop action lightpainting "Warfare" video.  This is the kind of stuff that makes photography so cool.  Enjoy.

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