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Monday, January 31, 2011

Time Lapse Coolness

First of all, let me say sorry that I failed to produce any type of pitiful excuse for a blog post last week.  I was stuck in New Orleans due to business most of the week, it sucked ........................................SYKE, I was in New Orleans on business, but it was totally awesome and I really want to go back some day.  I was too busy drinking hurricanes and listening to motivational speakers to write a silly blog post, and since there are only like 3 of you who regularly look at my blog, you'll forgive me right? 

This week I have yet another very cool video to show you.  It's a time lapse video made by a member of a forum that I frequent.  It chronicles a trip he took to china this past summer.  Very moving video.  I encourage you to watch.  Oh, and I promise to actually produce something original later this week.........I promise.  In the meantime, enjoy this awesome video:


  1. That's awesome, I actually want to get into filming too after photography school. Most commercials and TV series are being filmed on DSLRs now so I'm trying to make best of what I'm investing in since all DSLRs will come with video anyway.

  2. I hear you. The cool thing about this type of project is that it doesn't even require your camera to have video capabilities. Basically all he did was set his camera on a tripod, and set a digital remote cable timer to make the camera take a pic every second or so. I think he said each scene was +/- 500 jpeg images. Then he put it all together in Picassa(which is free) and Windows Movie Maker(free as well).